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Shipping Container

204 Container Homes is providing durable structures perfect for personal homes, commercial buildings and industrial needs. We use durable Sea Cans/Shipping Containers to create incredible structures, designed and finished exactly to your needs.
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Building with shipping containers and 204 Container Homes lets you take advantage of these amazing features:
  • 204 Container Homes are built in a controlled environment to the highest quality standards
  • Flexible foundation options
  • Fully customizable
  • Attach to services like any other build
  • Scalable
  • Stackable
  • Our products are under Home Warranty 1-2-5-10 Year Program with the option to upgrade:
    • 1 Year- Labour and Materials
    • 2 Year- Mechanical Defects
    • 5 Year- Building Envelope
    • 10 Year- Major Structural
  • We support local employment by hiring locally as much possible
  • Bank Financing is here! Traditional mortgages as well as draw/building mortgages!
  • All of our structures are built to applicable building codes including but not limited to ABC & Canadian building codes
  • Our products are fully engineered structures
  • CSA & ULC components
  • Our products can be delivered worldwide
  • We provide fast construction timelines
  • In-house professionals to work with you from design to completion
  • We offer turnkey service
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